Currently Known Issues

No issues at the moment! Please submit a ticket in our Customer Support Form if you wish to report an issue.

Fixes & Updates


  • Squad Interface: We have updated the Squad Header to make squad profiles more visible.
  • Squad Forum: We have changed the squad forum to a bulletin board, in order to facilitate the communication between squad members. Check here.


  • Leave Squad: Players can now leave squad during Squad Wars, however need to wait at least 1 day before returning to that squad.


  • Store - Capital Crates: We have fixed the issue related to capital crates not being updated. We are currently processing packs with the correspondent value of WWO to all players affected (Squad Wars 1-5), which can be collected in store.
  • Store - Capital Crates - Points Update: Points for this crate are calculated based on capital bases controlled in each cycle.


  • Squad Wars - Attacks: We fixed a small bug that was not allowing some players to attack attributed capitals.
  • Store - Capital Crates - Points Update: This crate considers points without the league multipliers.(edited)


  • Squad Finder: Now shows the number of players in the squads, squads that are full are automatically removed.
  • Leaderboard & New Squads: Squads that are created are now automatically added to leaderboard. We have processed all recently created squads
  • Capital Districts: Side panel is now opening correctly when clicking on a capital district.


  • Store Unit packs: Currently showing the match-up targets.
  • Capital Buttons: Options to defend, move and train are now appearing when clicking on your Squad Wars Matchups (Attack and Defense)


  • Squad Finder: New players will see the list of existing recruiting squads in their country and around the world. Access it here: Squad Finder
  • Creating a Squad: If no squads are available you can create your own, as long as you are level 25. Also, it no longer requires the use of WWO.
  • Recruitment Tools: We’ve updated the squad management board, so squad leaders can easily invite new members. Including a new tool that allows you to show your squad is actively recruiting new players (appears in Squad Finder).


  • Missions: Missions are now appearing correctly to new players that create their accounts.


  • Matchups - Squad Wars: Bases no longer appear without an owner. View Your Squad Wars. Due to this error, in a few cases, the bases were reset to the defending player.
  • Matchups - Capitals: All squads have a maximum of 3 squads correctly allocated.


  • Base buttons: We have added to buttons that link directly to Train to base, Move to base, Zoom do district.
  • Community - Squad Wars: Community section now includes league and league position of Squads in Squad War. View Community Squad Wars
  • Community - Player Wars: Player wars now include the damage and points earned by each of the players. View Community Player Wars
  • Attacks in other capitals: Users can not attack the player they were matched up with out of the designated capitals.
  • Unit protection: Units are protected in capitals where you do not have a matchup.
  • Community section: Community section now includes Squad Wars and Player Wars, ordered by the damage dealt.
  • Battle rules: Fix on battle rules. We have activated protection for Capitals that are outside of the Squad War. [Was fixed again in a later update]