World War Online Store

The Store is the location in World War Online where you collect your Daily WWO-Influence (up to a maximum of 2.000 free WWO). It is also used to purchase and spend WWO-Influence, or redeem coupon codes offered by the game. You can learn more about how World War Online Store works, in our Store Rules. In Store Section you can also collect your Supply Crates and Unit Packs.

In-Game Purchases

Through the main page of the Store, players can purchase the Premium In-Game Currency for World War Online (For more information check WWO-Influence).

WWO Packs

Available Store Packs

  • Gold Pack: Contains 10.000 WWO and 3 extra packs of 200 WWO to offer to squadmates.
  • Silver Pack: Contains 4.500 WWO and 3 extra packs of 160 WWO to offer to squadmates.
  • Bronze Pack: Contains 2.000 WWO and 3 extra packs of 80 WWO to offer to squadmates.
  • White Pack: Contains 900 WWO and 3 extra packs of 60 WWO to offer to squadmates.
  • Squad Pack: Contains 5 packs of 600 WWO - 1 for you and 4 that can be offered to squadmates.

Supply Crates

Available Supply Crates

  • Experience Crate: based on experience earned, collectible every 8 hours.
  • Damage Crate: based on Damage Dealt in Attacks sent to other players, collectible every 12 hours.
  • Supreme Crate: based on supreme units killed in battles, collectible every 24 hours.
  • Capital Crate: Capital points earned for Squad, collectible every 24 hours.

First Purchase Season Pack

First Purchase Season Pack relates to the first purchase a player does on a Season. By purchasing one of the available Packs (Gold, Silver, Bronze, White or Squad), a player will receive half of its value in Supreme Units. These Supreme Units will appear as packs in the Store section.

Special Deals

Special deals are packs of units and XP that can be acquired with special discounts. These are bought with WWO-Influence.

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