Squad Wars

Learn more about Capital Warfare

Capital Warfare was a feature introduced in Season 3 of 2017, and was transformed into Squad Wars in Season 3 of 2020. For 72 Hours 3 Squads participate in epic battles conquering Capital Bases. Each Capital Base rewards a certain number of points depending on the period of the Season.

How it works

Squad Wars Matchmaking

The Squad Leaderboard is composed of Squads that are currently competing by participating in Squad Wars, and conquering Capital Bases to gain points.

Each Squad starts out as Unranked and once they get their first points, they immediately placed in the Leaderboard.

At the end of every capital warfare, the top 2 Squads are promoted to the League above, and at the same time, the bottom 2 Squads are demoted to the League below. The promoted and demoted squads will be at the bottom/top of their new League respectively. At the end of the Season, the top 5 Squads host their respective country's flags in the podium.


  • 18:00 Sunday / 6:00 Thursday -> Matchups are attributed (+6h after close)
  • 0:00 Monday / 12:00 Thursday -> Capitals are open and Battles start (+6h after matchup)
  • 0:00 Monday -> 0:00 Thursday -> Capital Warfare 1
  • 12:00 Thursday -> 12:00 Sunday -> Capital Warfare 2
  • 12:00 Sunday / 00:00 Thursday -> Capitals close

Capitals are revealed 1 hour before the first points are earned (0:00 Monday) and (12:00 Thursday).

Squad Wars Timings

Squad Matchmaking

Squad War Matchup

  • Each squad will be faced against 3 other squads.
  • Squad War matchups are based on the Squad Leaderboard positions. Squads will be matched within an enemy squad until 6 positions below them**.
  • The Squad with the lower leaderboard position will be defending and the bases will be created in the Squad’s country capital.
  • If a squad has less players, then the enemy squad will automatically win those matchups. We encourage you to invite friends and players to join your squad and make sure it's on full capacity!

Player matchups in each Squad War matchup

  • Each Squad War matchup will put players in direct conflict with a random enemy of the other team.
  • Matchups between players are based on the Player Leaderboard position. In other words, if the highest positioned player of Squad A, goes against 3rd ranked player of Squad B, then the highest positioned player of Squad B will also go against 3rd ranked player of Squad A.

Attack Rules

  • You can support your squad mates with units in attack and defense. Working as a team with support units will give you a significant advantage.
  • Players can target the enemy player they are matched with both in their base and their army.
  • You need to move units to the capital district attributed to you in the matchups, in order to defend and attack your enemy.
  • You can't attack players on capital districts that were not attributed to you in Squad and Player Matchups.


  • Points are earned every hour. Example 9:00, 10:00(etc), so make sure to control the capital base at that time!
  • Player Leaderboard Points are earned based on the league of your Squad (8 points Gold, 4 points Silver, 2 points Bronze, 1 point White).
  • Point progression: points value 2x more in the last month of the Season and 4x more in the last 2 weeks.

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