Game Rules

Last Update: March 1 2020

Here you can find some ground rules for World War Online!

1. Registration and Ownership

Each player may only own one account in the game. The login service used to register in the game must be under personal and exclusive control of the person who registered.

The owner of the account is fully responsible for all actions done with the account.

The account is non-transferable and exclusively associated to only one login service. Each player holds reponsibility to maintaining their login service.

1.1. Avatar Image and Codename

When you choose to upload a new avatar image instead of using the available avatars, you need to take the following rules into consideration:

  • Don't use your avatar and/or codename to offend or insult any other player or country;
  • Don't use your avatar and/or codename to protest against other players, countries or the game;
  • Don't use your avatar and/or codename to report bugs or situations in the game, use the Contact Form;
  • Don't use your avatar and/or codename to provide contact information.
  • No inappropriate profiles (usernames and avatars): avoid special characters, emoji, obscenities, impersonation and/or any controversial or offensive content, which includes (but it is not limited to) racism, religion, politics, real-world violence, terrorism, content of a sexual nature, and hate speech.

By uploading a file you certify that you have the right to distribute this picture and that it does not violate the Terms of Service

2. Bots, scripts and access

The game must be played on an unmodified internet browser. It is forbidden to use any bots, scripts, page reloaders or macros to automate actions. It is also forbidden to use foreign proxies and VPN connections to access the game in other countries or use other forms of concealing your identity.

It's also forbidden to share any IP connection with more than 1 player, on certain exceptions, including but not limited to:

  • Being in a public location (schools, universities, cafes);
  • Sharing the same house.

Proof of these excepetions may be required and, if not provided, can lead to suspension and permanent ban from the game.

3. Bugs and Errors

Bugs and errors may not be exploited by players. If a bug is found, the player must report it immediately using our Contact Form.

4. Fake Accounts

Creating fake accounts for the sake of spying any other country is strictly forbidden. Providing military or strategic information to foreign countries is also forbidden, this includes giving attack plans, base location, military strenghts, which players are online, etc.

5. Purchasing WWO-Influence

All purchases of WWO-Influence must be valid and fraud free. It is strictly forbidden to directly or indirectly interfere with or circumvent any security features related to the purchase, transfer or trade of WWO-Influence. WWO-Influence is not transferable between accounts belonging to different players. If you purchase WWO-Influence you agree to our Store Rules.

You are also forbidden to share a purchasing account with other players, as it violates our Store Rules.

6. Punishment

Breaking any of these rules can result in a reset or ban of any accounts involved. Punishments will always exceed the gain of violating the rules. Resources, bases and units lost during suspension will not be returned.

No player has the right to claim payment for WWO-Influence lost due to suspension. There is no special treatment for WWO-Influence users regarding game rules neither in the time we take to deal with the case nor the actions taken. Players that have been suspended can contact World War Online support using our Contact Form.

Bans or account reset may not be discussed in public (Chat, social media and forums). Appeals must be in English and must not be offensive or contain threats of any sort. We only consider e-mails that correctly identify the account name and information.

7. Forum Rules

  • All Topics, comments and replies must, first and foremost, abide by the Game Rules as well as World War Online's Terms of Service.
  • English is the only permitted language in the global forums. You are free to speak in your native language in your Country Chat, Squad Chat or through Private Messages sent to other players, if there is a mutual understanding.

Player Code of Conduct

Throughout their gameplay interactions with other players and countries, all players are required to treat others with respect and sportsmanship, in such a way that the game environment remains fun and fair for everyone.

The following are not permitted:

  • Insults
  • Harassment
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Threats
  • Racism

You can read more about this in our Chat and Discord Rules

If you feel you are being the target of one of these behaviors, please file a feedback report using our Contact Form.