Resources are the currencies used to train Normal Units and Headquarters Base.

World War Online has two different resources: Iron and WWO-Influence.


Iron is a resource that is generated in your Headquarters and in Mines. The amount of Iron you currently have available is displayed at the top of the screen. A player can only have a maximum of 500.000 Iron in his resource pool at any given time.

Iron is used to train Normal Units and to upgrade your Headquarters Base. The higher the level of your Headquarters Base, the higher the amount of Iron you generate. You will also need Iron to guarantee your Army's upkeep.

Army Upkeep

Army Upkeep is a small amount of Resources that is subtracted from your Resource Production every 10 minutes based on how many Units you have.

If your Resource Production is equal to your Army Upkeep, you will no longer be able to produce any more units until your resource production is positive.


WWO-Influence is a resource primarily gained through an in-game purchase in the Store.

Players who end a Season in Gold and Silver Leagues for Squad Leaderboard also receive WWO-Influence that transfers to the next Season of World War Online.

WWO-Influence can be used to:

  • Train Supreme Units;
  • Train Normal Units (if a player is out of Iron);
  • Accelerate units movement in the map;
  • Accelerate units training;
  • Accelerate Headquarters Base upgrades;
  • Purchase Special Deals in Store.

WWO-Influence can also be collected daily, for free, through Supply Crates or from Mines but, once you get 5.000 WWO or more in your account, you stop receiving the Bonuses until getting below this value again.

Also, you can only collect up to 150.000 WWO-Influence per week.

Free Iron and WWO in Mines

In order to receive WWO and Iron from Mines you need to:

  • Go to the map and select the Mine you want to get resources from;
  • Train or send in 2.500 units to set base at the Mine.
  • For every hour your army holds base in the mine, you will get 1 WWO-Influence per hour (up to a max of 50 WWO per day).

Note: You can be attacked in mines and, if your army is defeated, you will not receive the resources. You can know more about Mines, here.