Reports, Bans & Suspensions

Reporting Another Player

If you encounter offensive, negative, or disruptive experiences within World War Online then you can report the offending player right after the situation happens, using the "Report Player" button, in the offender's profile, or by submiting a ticket. Once a report is made our team will look into it to determine whether a penalty will be placed.

We can not discuss other players’ actions with others, as we look into each situation individually and with the player in question. Therefore we can not guarantee that you will be notified when a player you reported is penalized. However, the lack of a notification does not mean there was no penalty.

Please keep in mind that we can not take an action against another player, only based on suspicion or because you feel we should. Evidence and investigation will dictate if there will be a penalty or not on the reported player.

When Reporting a Player:

  • Make sure your report contains all the details of the situation you experienced, such as concrete dates, times, codenames and messages. This can help the World War Online team to analyze all the information faster.
  • Make sure your report is made right after you have had a bad experience, to keep context.
  • When possible, leave a concise and clear comment about the behavior you observed.

What to Avoid:

  • Do not threaten or repeatedly tell a player you will report them. Doing so can encourage players who are already negative to continue their behavior. Whether they know they are being reported or not has no bearing on whether the team will act on them. But most importantly, repeatedly threatening or arguing with a negative player can end up derailing the game for everyone else and then open yourself up to reports and possible disciplinary action as well.
  • Do not ask other players to report a player that offended you. It only takes one report for our team to review the situation.
  • Avoid reporting situations and issues experienced by other players. We understand that you just want to help or hope to accelerate things, but - for a matter of privacy - each situation must be dealt with the affected player, not with third parties.
  • Negative behavior is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances or who started it. It can be tempting to respond to negative players with negativity of your own. Our team does not care who started the behavior and will treat each reported player based on the merits of their own case.
  • Do not demand a compensation for reporting a player: we are not in any way obliged to give you a compensation (either units or resources) just because you reported another player.

Warnings, Suspensions and Bans

1. Warnings

We will always do a first approach to players who are reported, have suspicious behavior or use offensive language, in order to warn them of the respective situations. However if the player ignores our warnings and opts to keep behaving like before, we can issue a temporary ban, whose times depend on the severity of the situation.

2. Temporary Suspensions

If your account has received a temporary suspension, this means you are no longer allowed to play World War Online using this account for the listed time period. This means you acted in a way that Chilltime and World War Online consider inappropriate for in-game behavior.

You are now much closer to receiving a permanent ban on your account and should be very aware of your in-game behavior and how to improve to keep your account from being permanently banned.

At this point, you:

  • Received a previous warning from the team regarding your behavior and actions.
  • Are aware that continuing this behavior or actions is unacceptable.
  • Are one step closer to get a permanent ban.

What can I do to not be temporarily banned again?

  • Stop using VPN connections to access the game: you must have a consistent country in your logins;
  • Refrain from using multiple accounts in game, even if it’s “just to move a squadmate’s army”;
  • Do not share purchase accounts as this is sensible information that can be considered fraudulent;
  • Don’t use offensive and/or aggressive language in game chats, especially Global and Country Chats.
  • Any other behavior that violates our Terms of Service, Game Rules and Privacy Policy.

“If I’m suspended this other player should be too”

We can not discuss other players’ actions with you but you can always report them and ignore them when playing. There is no excuse for raging back or responding to people trying to affect you or making you angry. You are the only one responsible for your actions and your words which is what we are trying to address with these temporary bans.

What happens if I get suspended again?

Depending on the reason you account was suspended previously, you might get another temporary suspension or your account is at extreme risk of getting banned. Use the duration of your suspension to reflect on your actions and take appropriate steps to ensure you are not suspended again in the future, as it can result in a permanent ban of your account.

3. Permanent Bans

When you are banned from our game, you are no longer allowed to play World War Online using this account.

At this point you:

  • Were given several warnings regarding your actions and behavior;
  • Have been temporarily suspended from our game due to poor actions and behavior;
  • Are aware that by continuing this behaviour, you were at risk of being banned from World War Online.

If you got banned it means you continued your disruptive behavior. Usually by the time you have reached this state, you have already been temporarily suspended before.

Automatic Bans

The other reality is that the behavior displayed was so negative or disruptive that it breached the Game Rules or Terms of Use. Such behavior can be severe enough to bypass all other warnings and result in an immediate ban of your account.

“If I’m banned this other player should be too”

Like we stated in Temporary Suspensions, we can not discuss other players’ actions with you, but you can always report them and ignore them when playing. There is no excuse for raging back or responding to people trying to affect you or making you angry. You are the only one responsible for your actions and your words.

“What I said/did in the game didn’t deserve a ban”

We work with the overall community and within our own company guidelines to identify what disruptive behavior is and what the consequences for those behaviors should be. Again, this is either not the first time you have been told your actions were inappropriate, or your actions were severe enough to warrant an immediate ban. We understand that it can be difficult to know where the line is, which is why we always advise our players to read our Game Rules and Terms of Service before playing our game.