Reporting a Bug

Our team is always looking to fix bugs that negatively impact the player experience and we value your bug reports to help us. If you encounter any bug in our game, please submit a ticket. Below you can find a list with some notes to consider when you report a bug.

Where did you run into the bug?

The drop-down menu in our form will allow you to tell us which part of your experience was affected by the bug (example: map and movements).

Summarize the bug for us

In a single sentence, what does the bug do? (example: I can't move my units.)

Any specifics you think we should know?

Give us more context on the bugs and provide things like steps so we can reproduce it ourselves. (example: What I did that led up to the bug: Selected group of units, chose a capital to attack, sent units, units didn't move) or other specific infos (example: battle ids).

"I reported a bug and wasn't notified on the solution"

After reporting a bug using our Customer Support form, the team will verify all the details and situations you described. As referred upon submiting a ticket, though we can't update everyone who submits a report, we're using your feedback to improve the World War Online experience for everyone.