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About World War Online

World War online is a free-to-play international multiplayer strategy war game built by Chilltime company where users have to conquer Capitals to become the grand winner squad of the Season.

World War Online is an international strategy game with players from over 50 countries created and developed in (year) by the Portuguese Technology and Product Innovation company, Chilltime. There, players can control and command their Armies, work with allies to create Squads and engage in conflicts and diplomacy with other players and squads.

The main objective is for Squads of players to conquer Capitals and get points for the Leaderboard, which decides, at the end of each Season, who the grand winners are. At the end of each Season, which lasts around 3 months, the podium is raised and the winners receive a multitude of in-game rewards. Then, a new Season of battles begins.

It is free-to-play, so everyone is able to participate, through the browser version, App Store and Google Play. Nevertheless, additional in-game currency - WWO-Influence - can be purchased for real money from the Store. This can be used to purchase special deals packs, accelerate troops movement and headquarters upgrade, or build Supreme Units.

Through this game players from around the world take the role of commanders by building their army, forging alliances, fighting battles and conquering enemy countries in a competitive international championship.

World War Online is available to play on browser, Android and iOS.

About Chilltime

Chilltime is a Technology and Product Innovation company, based in Taguspark, Oeiras, Portugal. We build digital products including cross-platform apps, responsive websites, 3D animation and games.