In-Game Chats

Available Chats

Inside World War Online you have different ways to communicate with other players.

Global Chat

Global Chat is open for all active players of World War Online. Here the same rules defined for our Discord Server will be applied.

Country Chat

When players join World War Online, they have a Country chat, where players of the same country can communicate with each other.

Squad Chat

Once you join a Squad, you gain access to its private chat. This chat shows all recent messages, including those sent before you joined. This chat serves the purpose of defining your strategies as a Squad rather than having to send private messages to each player.

Private Messages

You can also send private messages to other players, by selecting the player you want to talk to and clicking in the button "Send Message". You can also block players, if you don't want to talk with them or if they sent you spam or offensive messages. In this case, we recommend that you report the situation, by using one of our Support channels.

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