Capital Warfare

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Capital Warfare is a in the heart of World War Online strategic gameplay. During each Capital Warfare 5 Squads are put into battle for 3 Country capital's, engaging in epic battles and strategic alliances. Each Capital Base rewards a certain number of points depending on the period of the Season.

How it works

Capital Warfare Matchmaking

The Squad Leaderboard is composed of Squads that are currently competing by participating in Capital Warfare, and conquering Capital Bases to gain points.

Each Squad starts out as Unranked and once they get their first points, they immediately placed in the Leaderboard.

At the end of every capital warfare, the top 2 Squads are promoted to the League above, and at the same time, the bottom 2 Squads are demoted to the League below. The promoted and demoted squads will be at the bottom/top of their new League respectively. At the end of the Season, the top 5 Squads host their respective country's flags in the podium.

Capital Warfare cycles

Capital Warfare cycles are as described in the image below. The green zones indicate when the Capital Warfare is open and the cooldown periods are between cycles.

Capital Warfare - Timings

Squad Matchmaking

The matchmaking system in World War Online matches you against 5 random Squads in your League. Matchmaking will occur before each new Capital Warfare cycle.

Conquering a Capital Base

Capital Bases

In Capital Districts, when you attack and win the base you immediatly Conquer them. When you click on Conquer on a Capital Base, you will automatically generate a General which is a Tactical Infantry that is capable of Conquering Bases.

The General will count as an Extra Unit, and it cannot fight alone. You must send units along with the General to fight and conquer the Base that you are attacking. The General appears on the 11th Wave of the Battle.

  • To Conquer a base, the General must survive the outcome of the battle.
  • The battle must be a Decisive Victory, i.e. it cannot be settled as a Tie Breaker.
  • If the General dies, but you win the battle, you will not Conquer the base.

Battle Reports for Capital Warfare

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