What is Campaign mode

The Campaign is a Single Player mode in World War Online, where players battle against NPC (Non Playable Character) Units. There are currently 50 Campaign levels, each getting progressively more challenging. Each level has varying WWO-Influence and Iron rewards that can be gained by defeating the Level. To defeat a level the player must kill all enemy units before Wave 50.

The mechanics of the Campaign are the same as Multiplayer battles with the following exceptions:

  • Units do not need to be in any specific district to fight in the Campaign
  • Completing the Campaign is very much worth it as the total reward for completing it is 1.196.856 Iron along with 452.500 Experience and multiple Supreme Units every 5 Levels.

Each level has a certain weak-point that can be exploited by having a good understanding of the enemy Units.

Battle Arena

Battle Arena is a Single Player mode, separated from the campaign, on which players fight endless, progressively harder battles for ELO Points and Daily rewards.

  • Battle Arena has a dedicated Leaderboard, that ranks players according to their current amount of ELO Points.
  • Win games to earn ELO, and lose ELO on defeat. Increasing your ELO Points will not only place you higher on the leaderboard but also present you with harder challenges and better rewards.
  • As you increase your ELO Points, better units will be available for you to use and you’ll be able to fight with bigger armies.
  • Instead of the 2D turn-based combat, Battle Arena brings a new 3D real-time mode to World War Online.

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