Beginners Guide

Welcome to World War Online

Welcome to World War Online, Recruit!

We hope this Guide will help you grow quick in our game, until you become an experienced player, by giving you an overview as a beginner of how to play the game, good ways to start, and where to go from there.

Short introduction

World War Online is a PvP MMO Strategy Game where you control and command your armies, work with allies to create Squads and engage in conflicts and diplomacy with other players and squads.

The main objective is for Squads of players to conquer Capitals in Capital Warfare and get points for the Leaderboard, where at the end of each Season - which lasts around 3 months - the winners receive in-game rewards for the next Season and the glory of carrying their country flag to the top of the podium!


When you create an account in World War Online, and login for the first time in a Season, you will be presented with a short Tutorial Video. This Tutorial serves to show you some of the basic mechanics of the game, and the User Interface (UI). Once it finishes you will be dropped into the World Map and told that your Mission Center is on the top left corner.

Mission Center

In the Mission Center, you will find different Missions in the form of a Tech Tree - where completing missions will unlock Different Units, Base Upgrades, Campaign Levels, Squads and, finally, the access to Capital Warfare battles!

These missions should help you grow to around Military Rank 20-25. Once you finish these (except for Conquer Capital), you will set yourself up on your path to victory.



What units exist in World War Online

World War Online has 4 basic unit types: Infantry, Armored, Air and Navy. Inside each one, you will find 1 type of unit that has an advantage over another unit type. These are then split into Normal and Supreme Units, where Supreme Units are empowered versions of Normal Units. Given their strength, fewer of them are allowed on the battlefield (max. 25), where a player must make a choice on whether they wish to use a Supreme Unit or a Normal unit, given that the budget is fair and shared. You can know more about it in Unit Stats section.


What is the HQ base?

The only base you start with is the Headquarters Base, where you can produce Iron and train Units.

Upgrading your Headquarters Base will allow you to have a greater number of units (increases Upkeep) and will increase your resource production. Since your Headquarters can never be destroyed, you don’t need to be too worried about protecting it from threats, but your resources can be stolen! So it is always good to have units defending your Headquarters so that you don’t wake up without resources!


You have 2 different types of Resources, these being Iron and WWO-Influence.

WWO-Influence is the in-game currency of World War Online, and can be used to:

  • Train Supreme Units.
  • Train Normal Units (when you run out of Iron).
  • Accelerate the Upgrade time of Headquarters Base and the training time of your Units.
  • Purchase Special Deals in the store.

Other than your hourly production, you can steal Iron from enemies, by raiding their Headquarters bases. This will essentially allow you to double your maximum daily production, which in turn allows you to produce more units, and upgrade your Headquarters base.


How to move units

To travel around the world, players need to understand movement. There are 2 ways that players can move around the map:

  • Clicking on the Unit Flag (blue rectangular baloon) will allow you to click on "Move" and drag the cursor to wherever you want on the map. Clicking on another continent will allow you to move those units to another continent.
  • Clicking on any district will have the “Move” button on the top right corner in the District Sidebar. This will show all units that are available to be moved in that continent. You can also select different continents from the top menu when moving to a district.

Movement takes time, but you do have the option to accelerate unit movements by using WWO-Influence. The cost to accelerate unit movements is determined by each given distance.

Playing the Game

Once you have explored the map, understood the mechanics of World War Online, either by yourself or through the help of a Squad, you want to start focusing on what your end-goal is. Given that this is an MMO, players are allowed to do what they want with their armies, whether they want to be Rogue commanders, seeking to destroy units of those who are enemies of their friends, join a squad and dominate in the Leaderboard, or simply play solo and Duel against other players and compete in the Player Leaderboard.

Thanks for reading and good luck conquering the world!

If you find any inconsistencies or outdated information in our guides, please let us know by submitting your feedback here.