Battle Setup

How to setup a battle

There are two sides to The Battlefield: the Attacker and the Defender. They will always occupy the left and right sides of The Battlefield respectively.

Battles are fought in Waves. In each Wave, the units of the attacker will fire upon one unit on the defending side, which immediately fire back. Target choosing is random though each unit will attempt to fire upon all defending units as equally as possible. When a Unit takes Damage, they display the number of Units lost above themselves.

When all attacking units have taken turns firing, the wave ends and a new one begins. This process will repeat until one side is completely defeated or the Battle reaches 50 waves.

Attack Rules

When looking for players to attack, there are some Attack Rules in place that must be respected. These rules are:

  • You can only attack players with Military Power identical or higher than yours.
  • If a player with lower Military Power attacks you, you have a 24 hours window to attack him as well;
  • You cannot attack recently created Bases or Bases that are Protected. This rule does not apply if the owner of the Base attacked you within 24 hours.
  • There's a 1 minute cooldown between attacks (when sent to same player).
  • Players bellow rank 25 can use a max. of 4000 normal units and 30 supreme units.
  • Players above rank 25 can use a max. of 7500 normal units and 75 supreme units.

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