Introducing Squad Wars

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Check the main changes and what features remain the same.

Greetings Commanders,

Capital Warfare has started, so we want to make sure all of you understand how it works as the battles start!

Introducing Squad Wars

🥇Why Squad Wars?

Our main purpose is to create a better game-play experience for you. These are the reasons why we believe Squad Wars will improve World War Online:

  • All squad members will have an active role in the success of their Squad. Squad wars are more team based, as all players need participate and support each other to succeed.
  • As requested by players, we also want the Leaderboard ranking to be more skill based and balanced. Giving Squads the opportunity to prove their superiority directly against other squads at the same level, throughout the entire season.
  • Promote more fairplay, by removing the impact of fake accounts and simultaneous multiple attacks in Capital Warfare.

First, let's take a look at the Squad Wars interface:

Squad Wars Interface

  1. View your targets and squad performance in the Squad War (the panel that is open).

  2. See how each Squad mate is doing in their match-up.

  3. Summary of the bases that your Squad (green) and Enemy (red) are controlling.

  4. Your direct adversary in the Squad War match-up, click on the Capital icon to open the base.

  5. Summary of the points and damage made by your Squad against your enemy.

🏆 Matchmaking

  • Squad War Match-up

    • Each squad will be faced against 3 other squads.
    • Squad War match-ups are based on the Squad Leaderboard positions. Squads will be matched with an enemy squad that is less than 6 positions below them.
    • The Squad with the lower Leaderboard position will be defending and the bases will be created in the Squad’s country capital.
  • Player match-ups in each Squad War match-up

    • The player match-ups are based on the Player military rank in a symmetrical way. In other words, if the highest ranked player of Squad A, goes against 3rd ranked player of Squad B, then the highest ranked player of Squad B will also go against 3rd ranked player of Squad A.
    • Each Squad War match-up will put players in direct battle with an enemy of the other team. If a squad has less players, then the enemy squad will automatically win those match-ups. We encourage you to invite players and friends to join your squad.

⚔️ Attack Rules

  • Squad team play is more meaningful now. Support rules continue the same, as you can support your squad mates with units in attack and defense. Working as a team with support units will give you a significant advantage.
  • Players can target the enemy player they are matched with both in their base and their army. By destroying their army you protect your base from being conquered and avoid his units from being used by his squad mates.
  • Move units to the capital district to defend and attack your enemy.

🎖️ Points

  • Points are earned every hour. Example 9:00, 10:00(etc), so make sure to control the capital base at that time!
  • Squads earn 1 point in the Leaderboard for every base that is controlled in the Squad War.
  • Point progression is the same as before: points value 2x more in the last month of the Season and 4x more in the last 2 weeks.
  • The national squad bonus no longer applies.
  • Supply crates will keep working the same way (both rewards and cool-down).

📱 App Version

  • Squad War interface (see points and match-ups) is currently only available in the browser, we’ll be updating the Android and iOS apps soon.
  • Battles against other players in capitals and attacks will still be available on Android and iOS.
  • We will update you once the app versions are available.

🎯 Quick tips:

  • Where can I see my targets? Click on "My Squad Wars" (Squad War)
  • Where can I see Squad Wars of all squads?: Click on "Community" button on the top right (Community Squad Wars)
  • Where can I see how each squad member is doing? Click on the Green Button as shown in the image above.

🚧 Currently we’re working on:

  • Viewing battles between players in each match-up. [We're working on this!]
  • Adding a Defense icon directly on your base. -> Done!
  • Adding district location directly to the Capital Wars interface. -> Done!

✔️ Updates [0:24 - 17-07-2020 UTC]

  • Community section: Community section now includes Squad Wars and Player Wars, ordered by the damage dealt.
  • Battle rules: Fix on battle rules. We have activated protection for Capitals that are outside of the Squad War. [Was fixed again in a later update]

✔️ Updates [15:52 - 17-07-2020 UTC]

  • Attacks in other capitals: Users can not attack the player they were matched up with outside of designated capitals.
  • Unit protection: Units are protected in capitals where you do not have a matchup.

✔️ Updates [21:38 - 17-07-2020 UTC]

  • Base buttons: We have added to buttons that link directly to Train to base, Move to base, Zoom do district.
  • Community - Squad Wars: Community section now includes league and league position of Squads in Squad War. [View Community Squad Wars]
  • Community - Player Wars: Player wars now include the damage and points earn by each of the players. [View Community Player Wars]

[We're actively on more updates, this section will be updated as improvements are launched.]

If you have any questions or doubts regarding this new system, please let us know in the comments.

Good luck for the battles ahead!