Squad Recruitment - It's time to grow your Squad!

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Updates to Squad Recruitment System

Greetings commanders,

We have launched some updates on Squad Recruitment system, in order to make it easier for new recruits to join a Squad, as well as for Squad leaders to find new members.

Here are the main updates.

Squad Recruitment

💬 Squad Recruitment updates

  • Squad Finder: New players will see the list of existing recruiting squads in their country and around the world. Access it here: Squad Finder
  • Creating a Squad: If no squads are available you can create your own, as long as you are level 25. Also, it no longer requires the use of WWO.
  • Recruitment Tools: We’ve updated the squad management board, so squad leaders can easily invite new members. Including a new tool that allows you to show your squad is actively recruiting new players (appears in Squad Finder).

To reward you for your recruiting efforts, players that are part of active squads will be awarded 10 Supreme Units, as long as they fill the following requirements before the start of the Squad War 4, on Monday 27 of July 2020:

  • The squad has at least 6 active players over level 25.
  • Only players without any shared connections will be considered.

It’s time to build a strong team and find more recruits!