The Bunnies left some special treasures behind! ๐Ÿฅš๐Ÿ”Ž

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

The hunt isn't over yet...

Greetings Commanders,

The Rebel Bunnies showed no mercy, but you proved yourselves to be up for the challenge and succeeded to eliminate these deceiving enemies.

But there is moreโ€ฆ If you think the Easter Events are done, think again.

The bunnies left some special eggs behind, and we need your help to find them! All of them contain special coupons inside, that will give you access to random packs of Normal and Supreme Units, WWO or ironโ€ฆ You can never know until you claim it in the store!

Bunnies Rebellion Hunting Season

๐Ÿฅš How does the Egg Hunt work?

  • Starting now, until April 9th, there will be one egg hiding per day in one of the pages of the Game Guides;
  • The egg and the coupon code will change daily and can appear and disappear at any time of the day;
  • Each daily coupon is only valid in the day that it is released;
  • Each daily coupon can be claimed by up to 15 players;
  • You found the egg but the coupon doesnโ€™t work? That means it was already claimed by the maximum number of players possible. Donโ€™t stress: you have 4 days to try!

Donโ€™t lose too much time, because the first egg is already hiding somewhere on the Guides, and only the fastest egg hunters will be able to secure a reward!

Good Luck, Commanders!