Easter Hunt in WWO - Bunnies on the loose! πŸ‡πŸΎ

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

BossBunny and his lieutenants want some retribution...

Greetings Commanders,

This season has been full of intense battles and surprises, and the ending comes yet with another challenge.

After the invasion of the evil Leprechaun and his Imps, a new threat has popped up in World War Online: the rebel Bunnies are spread in different locations on the map and ready to cause problems for last year's defeat!

Bunnies Rebellion

⏳ When will it be?

The event will start on April 2 at 12:00 UTC and end on April 5 at 23:59 UTC.

πŸ’° What can you win?

We will reward the top 10 players that most contributed by killing more Bunnies’ units:

  • 1st place: Gold Pack
  • 2nd place: Silver Pack
  • 3rd place: Bronze Pack
  • 4th-5th place: White Pack
  • Top 10: Pack of 25 Abrams
  • Top 25: Pack of 15 SAM
  • Top 100: Pack of 10 Leopards

Don’t be distracted by this not-so-cute army: they can be anywhere and they have no mercy!

We wish you the best of luck fighting this threat!