🎖2021 Championship - Season 1 - 2nd Monthly Update ⚔️

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Here's the current podium of season 1 2021.

Greetings Commanders,

We are more than halfway through the first season of the 2021 Championship! The competition is sharp: all squads have been improving their strategies on the battlefield in the path for a place in the podium!

Currently, these are the five squads taking the lead:

Current Podium of Season 1 2021

1st Place: ApaBTBapA

  • Damage Dealt: 2.0B
  • Damage Taken: 1.4B
  • Normal Units Killed: 19.4M
  • Supreme Units Killed: 6.065


  • Damage Dealt: 1.7B
  • Damage Taken: 1.1B
  • Normal Units Killed: 14.7M
  • Supreme Units Killed: 3.438

3rd Place: TheMongolzIV

  • Damage Dealt: 1.6B
  • Damage Taken: 933.5M
  • Normal Units Killed: 19.4M
  • Supreme Units Killed: 6.796

4th Place: 13thCenturyMongol

  • Damage Dealt: 1.1B
  • Damage Taken: 899.1M
  • Normal Units Killed: 10.7M
  • Supreme Units Killed: 3.569

5th Place: WorldSpecialForces

  • Damage Dealt: 921.9M
  • Damage Taken: 996.3M
  • Normal Units Killed: 11.9M
  • Supreme Units Killed: 2.814

Remember, there is still another month to go, so nothing is certain.

The Capital Warfare system has been going through updates so the strategies need to be adjusted accordingly!

May the best squad be victorious!