📤 Survey Feedback - New Game Updates! ⚠️

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Capital Warfare improvements, new features and fixes!

Greetings Commanders,

We carefully read and took into consideration all the feedback you provided us on the survey regarding WWO Current State.

Among all your valuable suggestions to improve the game, one thing that was common to many players was the preference for previous versions of the Capital Warfare system.

Survey Feedback - New Game Updates!

For this reason, starting from Wednesday (March 10th), the old system will return, namely:

  • Capital Warfare will be 5 squads fighting for 3 capitals again.
  • Squad alliances will be removed, as it would unbalance the game for lower leagues. Informal alliances are now done within each warfare, between squads, as they were before.
  • The squad matchmaking will be fully random within the same league.
  • Protection cost will be reduced to 30 WWO, for a 24h shield and 100 WWO for 3 day shield.

We are constantly working towards making World War Online more fun and enjoyable for our players, so we appreciate all the feedback you give us and hope these updates will make your gaming experience better!

We wish you good luck on the battlefield!