🎖2021 Championship - Season 1 - Monthly Update ⚔️

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Check the current state of this First Season of Championship 2021!

Greetings Commanders,

Today marks one month since the beginning of the first season of the 2021 Championship.

It has been an intense season of training units, planning strategies and fighting alongside your Squad and Allies. Currently, these are the five squads that are taking the lead:

Current leading squads

1st Place: ApaBTBapA (Mongolia)

  • Damage Dealt: 1.3B
  • Damage Taken: 839.1M
  • Normal Units Killed: 16.8M
  • Supreme Units Killed: 7.212

2nd Place: LIBERTADORES1 (Chile)

  • Damage Dealt: 998.0M
  • Damage Taken: 675.4M
  • Normal Units Killed: 8.4M
  • Supreme Units Killed: 2.506

3rd Place: 13thCentureMongol (Mongolia)

  • Damage Dealt: 506.7M
  • Damage Taken: 440.6M
  • Normal Units Killed: 5.0M
  • Supreme Units Killed: 1.952

4th Place: TheMongolzIV (Mongolia)

  • Damage Dealt: 864.0M
  • Damage Taken: 543.0M
  • Normal Units Killed: 11.2M
  • Supreme Units Killed: 4.862

5th Place: BalkanKnights (Serbia)

  • Damage Dealt: 431.8M
  • Damage Taken: 555.3m
  • Normal Units Killed: 7.5M
  • Supreme Units Killed: 2.115

Season 1 is just getting started, so everything can change. Keep your allies close and your enemies closer!

We wish you good luck on the battlefield and may the best squad win the first season’s podium!