🌍 Introducing Worldwide Warfare & Shields 🛡️

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

How the attacks work, shield activation & times.


As a feature that has been requested by our commanders, we are bringing back Worldwide Warfare: you can now attack your enemies in every district and can no longer hide your units in capitals.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Season 4 2020 Podium

🗺️ Worldwide Warfare: How it works

  • Units are targetable in the entire map (happy hunting 😉).
  • You can only attack and have troops in capitals assigned to you in Squad Wars (and the capitals of your allies).
  • At the end of the current squad war (Wednesday, January 20th, at 12:00 UTC), your units will automatically move from the capitals to your base district.

⌚ Shield Activation and Times

  • Shield is automatically activated for 8 hours, in your base district, when you lose more than 250-2500 units (based on Rank) in attacks suffered at your base district:

    • Rank 1- 20 - 250 units
    • Rank 21 - 30 - 500 units
    • Rank 31 - 40 - 1000 units
    • Rank 41 - 50 - 2500 units
  • You can’t attack a player base that has an active shield, but you can attack that same player’s troops if they are outside of their protected base district.

  • If you have units outside of your shielded base district, they can be attacked.

We wish you great victories in the battlefield!