⚔️ Introducing the new Battle Arena! ⚔️

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

A new game mode arrives on World War Online!

Greetings Commanders,

World War Online just got a new 3D single player game mode, the Battle Arena!

Fight endless battles against progressively harder enemies, get daily rewards and climb to the Top of the Leaderboard of this new mode.

Battle Arena

📢 How this works

Defeat the challenges presented to you to earn ELO points. These points are awarded based on your performance during the battle, but be careful, losing a fight will also make you lose points. Players will be ranked in different leagues according to their current points. With more points come better rewards and harder challenges to face. Your current points also determine the amount and type of units you can use during this fight.

💰 Rewards

While playing Battle Arena, you’ll always earn ELO points for each victory and lose points for each defeat. Players will also receive Iron and Experience on the first 5 wins of each day, resetting everyday at 00:00 UTC. The amount of Iron and Experience awarded increase with the current points of the player.

(On release, rewards are limited to 5 victories each day. This may be changed in the future, allowing players to claim more rewards.)

🎖️ Leaderboard

Players will be placed in a new leaderboard according to their current points. This leaderboard is divided in four (4) Leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

  • Bronze: 0 to 799 points
  • Silver: 800 to 1399 points
  • Gold: 1400 to 1899
  • Diamond: 1900+

🏆 Launch Contest

To get players to know this new game mode a competition will be held from now until the 9th of December at 10:00 UTC. Players with the most ELO points when the contest ends will receive a free pack to commemorate the release of Battle Arena!

  • 1st: Silver Pack
  • 2nd: Bronze Pack
  • 3rd: White Pack

🛠️ Known Issues & Updates

  • The Leaderboard and different Leagues will be introduced on a later update. There is currently a general leaderboard inside of the Battle Arena.
  • There's currently an issue preventing battle replay to start unless players performe an action with the mouse cursor (move/click).
  • Units may experience difficulties targetting the correct enemy, leading them to prioritize the wrong target.

Play Battle Arena

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