📣 Everyone to the battlefield!

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

All units present themselves on the battlefield!

Greetings Commanders,

Seems like our units are missing the battlefield, the smell of powder, the sound of gunshots.

Their blood is boiling and they’re craving a good fight. We cannot keep them still in our Bases, they want to go to battle and small brawls won’t make the cut, they all want to take part in this Battle Madness!

Battle Madness

So let’s give them the battle of their lives! Steal resources from your enemies, train more troops to join the fight and prepare for the ultimate showdown. Show your enemies the true power of your army!

⚔️ What's different?

During the next week you will be able to send even more units to the battlefield!

  • Normal unit’s capacity on the battlefield will be increased to a maximum of 8.000 at rank 50;
  • Supreme unit’s capacity on the battlefield increased to a maximum of 90 units at rank 50;
  • Supreme unit’s maximum training capacity increased from 25 to 30, and will remain at this value for the remainder of the season.

⏲️ Duration

This event will start Today, 16th of September at 14:00 UTC and end on Wednesday, 23rd of September at 10:00 UTC. (You can check for your timezone, here.

Are you ready for Madness? See you in the battlefield 💀