Squad Wars - Updates

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Squad Wars and Player Matchups updates.

Greetings Commanders,

We have read your feedback and suggestions in the Squad Wars Survey, thank you for participating! We understand that the Squad Wars need to be improved in order to make them more fun and engaging for players.

Based on the feedback and game metrics, here are the main updates to Squad Wars that will come into effect next week (starting on next Wednesday at 16:00 UTC).

Squad Wars - Updates

⌛ Squad War Duration

  • Duration decreased from 3 days to 2 days, with a 8 hour cooldown.
  • Squad Wars will open and close at these times (UTC):
    • 8:00 Monday -> 8:00 Wednesday
    • 16:00 Wednesday -> 16:00 Friday
    • 0:00 Saturday -> 0:00 Monday

⚔️ Player Matchups

  • Player duels will be increased to 3v3, instead of 1v1.
  • Squads with 2 or less players are not selected for matchmaking. If you’re looking to recruit more squad mates, have a look at the Squad Recruitment Tools topic.
  • Since smaller squads aren’t selected for matchmaking, all players will now always have an adversary.

The Player Matchups will work as shown in the following image. This will allow you to play together with teammates in a collaborative way, whilst keeping each matchup competitive and fun.

Squad Wars - Panel

🎨 Interface Changes

  • Armies in Capitals are now visible in the district view. This will show the armies of all three players you are matched with.

UPDATE - 11-08-2020

This 8th Squad War will exceptionally finish this Wednesday at 10:00 and the new wars start at 16:00.