Update - Currently Known Issues (July 20th-July 24th 2020)

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Currently known issues and fixes (squad wars related)

Greetings Commanders,

Here is the list of currently known issues, based on your support tickets, that the team is currently looking into.

Currently Known Issues (July 20th-July 24th 2020)

💡 Known issues:

  • Capital Buttons: Options to defend, move and train are not appearing when clicking on a capital district.
  • View Battles: Viewing battles between players in each match-up.
  • Leaving squad: Players aren't currently able to leave a squad during Squad Warfare, in the meantime, you can submit a Customer Support Ticket and we can remove you manually.

✔️ Fixed Issues

Updates [12:50 - 24-07-2020]

  • Store Unit packs: Currently showing the match-up targets.
  • Capital Buttons: Options to defend, move and train are now appearing when clicking on your Squad Wars Matchups (Attack and Defense)

Updates [9:30 - 21-07-2020 UTC]

  • Missions: Missions are now appearing correctly to new players that create their accounts.

Updates [17:20 - 20-07-2020 UTC]

  • Matchups - Squad Wars: Bases no longer appear without an owner. [View Your Squad Wars]. Due to this error, in a few cases, the bases were reset to the defending player.
  • Matchups - Capitals: All squads have a maximum of 3 squads correctly allocated.

We apologize for the instability and are working hard to iron out all the issues. To compensate for the issues we're adding a coupon for 15 Abrams "a13e446e3bde4a8" which can be collected by all players (valid until July 22nd, 2020).

If you are experiencing an issue that is not on this list, please let us know by leaving a comment on this post or by submitting a Customer Support Ticket.