Season 2 of Championship 2020 starts now!

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Check the updates for Season 2 2020.

Greetings Commanders,

And welcome to Season 2 of Championship 2020!

Season 2 2020 Start

🎁 Coupon - 5.000 WWO

We have a special coupon of 5.000 WWO b7cf685c167f5d2 to all our players, to give you a boost in the new Season’s start! (The coupon is only valid for this first week).

Collect coupon in Store

Season launch - Patch notes and minor updates

  • Profile season awards added to player profiles.
  • Squad leaderboard rewards attributed to players.
  • Final weeks WWO Bonus is available to collect in Store.
  • New looks for bases in maps and HQ (navy and continental).

We hope to see mre and more of your great battles on the Season ahead.

Stay safe and in the meanwhile, we will work towards another incredible season with new events and game updates! (The next event starts very, very soon....)

We wish you good luck and great victories!