Halloween arrived to World War Online!

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Spooky battlefield, scary units and more.

Greetings Commanders!

October is the spooky month and we want to celebrate it with you in World War Online! So for this Halloween, we prepared some cool surprises for all our players.

Halloween 2019 Event

Spooky battlefield

The battlefield is now a graveyard! Beware: It seems like the fallen units are rising back to the battlefield... and they are coming for you!

Double XP in all battles

From 30th of October at 00:00 UTC until November 1st at 23:59 UTC, you will get double XP in all battles.

Free coupon: 2.000 WWO

To help you fight the ghosts on the battlefield, here is a coupon of 2.000 WWO "d0fcd5d18588277", available until Sunday (November 3).

Collect coupon in Store

Happy Halloween everyone!