Season 4 of Championship 2019 starts now!

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Season 4 2019 updates!

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to Season 4 of Championship 2019! It's time to prepare your best battle strategies, build your armies and find your Squad!

Season 4 2019

Get your 5.000 WWO Coupon!

As usual, we have some extra help for this Season start: a coupon of 5.000 WWO "7abbc2e1391651d" valid for a week!

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Multiple minor updates

We have a few minor patches we'll be applying this season:

  • Players now start with Rank 1, and we've adjusted the XP in the first levels.
  • The Store now has a limit of 1 Squad pack per week.
  • Player Leaderboard Points will be based on your league: Gold 20, Silver 8, Bronze 3, White 1.
  • Guides and Unit stats are now available on the top menu.
  • XP earned for Capital Battles will be increased.

WWO Season Transfers and Season 3 Rewards!

We have processed the WWO transfers from the last 2 weeks of Season 3, as well as the squads' rewards. We have also added the awards to players' profiles.