Welcome to the Mid Season Event!

World War Online Official

World War Online Official

Mid-Season special weekend event.

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to the World War Online mid-season event! There's only one month left for the end of Season 3 Championship 2019, so we decided to give a boost to our fierce commanders, with a special event on the mines!

Mines Event

Some rules

  • Each player can only control up to 5 mines.
  • The event starts today at 20:00 UTC and ends at 20:00 UTC on Sunday (September 8). After that, the values of XP and WWO gained in mines will return to the normal values.

The rewards!

  • Double XP for the entire game for the duration of the event (battles in mines and outside).
  • During the event, we will increase the rewards of WWO from 1 to 20 per mine, per hour.
  • For every hour a mine is controlled, the player will receive 1 supreme unit to collect in the store. (Units will be rewarded at the end of the event as Unit Packs in the Store.)

Feel free to share the best moments with us, on our Facebook Group or by sharing Instagram Stories tagging our Instagram page.

Good luck and great battles to you all!